You Might Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction If You Suffer From These VANCOUVER, BC

You Might Need a Full Mouth Reconstruction If You Suffer From These

There are many reasons why people lose their teeth. Sometimes, it is due to poor dental hygiene habits. Other times, a person may experience a traumatic impact that knocks one or more teeth loose. Whether the reason is an accident or the natural aging process, there are times when full mouth reconstruction becomes the necessary course of treatment. Before you decide if this is right for you, it is important to consult with your dentist in Vancouver, BC.

Reasons for a Full Mouth Reconstruction

Dr. Parviz Roshanzamir can examine your mouth and help you decide what treatment options are available to you. There are a few reasons why full mouth reconstruction could be necessary:

  • Broken – Broken teeth can be a hazard for a few reasons. They could become infected. They are also likely to be quite painful. If the teeth cannot be restored by other means, they may need to be extracted. If this happens to most or all of the teeth, then reconstruction is likely to be necessary.
  • Decayed – If you do not take care of your teeth with regular dental visits and brushing and flossing, they could decay to the point that they need to be extracted. If decayed teeth cannot be saved through other means, you may need reconstruction.
  • Missing – There are many reasons why teeth may be missing. Missing teeth are problematic because they could lead to bone deterioration and shifting of the other teeth – so reconstruction is the logical solution.

The Goal of Reconstruction

The goal of reconstruction is to stabilize the jaw to prevent atrophy and deterioration and restore the full function of your mouth – that is, to eat and to speak. Broken, decayed, and missing teeth make it difficult to do these things, but reconstruction can help.

Visit Our Office Today

Your options for full mouth reconstruction may depend on your personal circumstances, which is why it is vital to schedule a consultation with Dr. Roshanzamir first. Contact our office today to schedule your visit.

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