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Laser Dentistry Offers a Minimally Invasive Approach to Dental Care

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Why Use a Dental Laser?

The BIOLASE WaterLase dental laser can be used to treat gum disease as well as a variety of other oral concerns with a high degree of precision and accuracy. Laser dentistry provides a high level of patient comfort and is very effective for cutting soft tissue without causing trauma to the surrounding tissues. This dental laser causes much less discomfort during treatment, so there is less need for anesthesia.

Keeping Your Teeth Healthy, With Laser Dentistry

WaterLase Dental Laser

Some of the key benefits of utilizing WaterLase for laser gum treatment include:

  • Reduces dental anxiety
  • Fast healing times
  • Less risk of drug interactions
  • Less risk of cross-contamination
  • Minimally invasive procedure
  • Less time in the dental chair

Our Laser Dentistry Procedures

The WaterLase laser is effective at performing gum disease surgery and may also be used to prepare cavities, smooth out hard tissue surfaces, prepare the gums for dental implants, or recontour and shape the gum line. If you are in need of dental treatment you may qualify for laser dentistry treatment with our WaterLase dental laser.

Some of our additional laser dentistry procedures include:


Targeted Laser Gum Disease

If you have been diagnosed with gum disease we may recommend laser gum surgery or other laser procedures to restore your oral health. We use lasers to perform a number of gum-related procedures in order to restore your oral and overall health while keeping healthy tissue unharmed.


Laser Root Canals

If you have an infected tooth that could be saved with a root canal, we may use laser therapy to perform the root canal procedure with minimal trauma to the mouth. This is a relatively simple and comfortable procedure that can save the natural tooth and prevent the spread of infection. Failing to treat a root canal at the appropriate time can cause bone damage and damage to the tissues surrounding the bone.


Laser Wisdom Tooth Extraction

If your wisdom teeth are causing pain, tooth decay around surrounding teeth, or any type of discomfort, we may need to remove your wisdom teeth permanently. This can be accomplished with a very simple procedure. We may use dental lasers to ensure minimal trauma to the tissues and fast healing times.


Oral and Reconstructive Dentistry

We can use dental lasers to perform a number of oral and restorative dentistry procedures with a high degree of accuracy and precision. If you need gum disease treatment, cavity preparation services, or need a site prepared for dental implants, we may use dental lasers to perform the procedure with a high success rate.

Why Dental Lasers Are More Gentle

The WaterLase dental laser is designed with unique technologies using a combination of YSGG laser energy and HydroPhotonics™. Unlike a traditional drill, there is no friction because the laser uses water and light energy to treat the tissues. The laser is less abrasive than traditional techniques such as drilling and making incisions in the tissue. As a result, patients experience less discomfort and inflammation. We can work on several areas at once with a high degree of accuracy, and use it to perform laser gum treatment in Vancouver, BC, and a variety of other procedures. Your trip to the office may be shorter and you may need little to no anesthesia when we perform your procedure with laser dentistry.

Experience gentle laser dentistry for your oral healthcare needs.

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