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Extraction of Problem Wisdom Teeth

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What are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are extra molar teeth that grow in during the late teenage years in the back of the mouth. Frequently, patients do not have adequate space in their jaw to support these extra teeth, which leads to complications like tooth impaction, crowding of surrounding teeth, infection, or jaw pain. At Wall Centre Dental, we offer wisdom teeth extractions to remove these extra teeth and restore your oral health. We want our patients to experience gentle wisdom teeth extractions so we utilize the WaterLase® dental laser for a gentler approach when accessing the bone and teeth and offer soothing sedation dentistry to help patients relax.

Partial Impaction Wisdom Tooth Extraction

Our Wisdom Teeth Extraction Process

When extracting wisdom teeth in Vancouver, BC, we begin by performing a cone beam CT scan of your jaw. This shows us a detailed view of your oral structure including bone levels, location of jaw nerves, position of tooth roots and exactly where your wisdom teeth are located. We use this information to plan your wisdom teeth extraction so you experience predictable and complication-free surgery. After being sedated, we will then access the wisdom teeth by removing them from the gums and jaw bone, being careful not to harm surrounding tooth structure or the jaw nerves. Once extracted, the area will be cleansed, protected and allowed to heal. Typically, the average patient will fully recover after three to four days. Keeping proper care of your mouth after surgery is important to prevent infection from developing.

Why Wall Centre Dental for Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

  • Gentle laser extraction
  • Soothing IV sedation
  • Team of experienced doctors
  • Minimal soft tissue trauma
  • Improved healing time

We Strive to Make Your Surgery Easy

Many people tend to put off their wisdom teeth surgery out of fear of a painful, invasive surgery. At Wall Centre Dental we strive to make our dental procedures as pain-free as possible by utilizing advanced technology and dental sedation. For wisdom teeth surgery, we can use our WaterLase dental laser to access the problem teeth through the gum tissue without needing to cut with a scalpel. This improves comfort and healing after surgery is complete. Additionally, our doctors are trained in administering IV sedation, which will render you completely relaxed and sleepy during surgery, likely forgetting the majority of the procedure. Combining WaterLase dentistry with IV sedation can give patients a gentle and anxiety-free experience.

Remove problem wisdom teeth with a gentle approach.

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