The Benefits of WaterLase ® Laser Dentistry VANCOUVER, BC

The Benefits of WaterLase ® Laser Dentistry

Do you have bad breath, swollen red gums, chewing discomfort, or even loose or missing teeth? If you happen to answer yes to any of these conditions, then you might have periodontal disease, commonly known as gum disease. If you go without treating this oral problem, it could lead to serious oral compilations later in your life.

Why is Gum Disease so Important

Gum disease is caused primarily by an accumulation of plaque inside your mouth, plaque is produced by built-up bacteria as well as mucus and other factors such as food debris after meals. This bacteria may cause an inflammatory reaction to your gums that spreads throughout the body through saliva.

Your immune system will respond to this oral infection by releasing substances that cause damage not only to your gums but also the ligaments surrounding them and your alveolar bone.

What are My Options to Combat This

Dr. Parviz Roshanzamir and the amazing team at Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

offer different choices for fixing your periodontal issues and providing other remedies to hinder a return from the condition and other problematic conditions that might affect your gums in a negative way. Here is a closer look at one of our treatment options. 

WaterLase ® Laser Dentistry– The WaterLase®  Iplus™ laser is an innovative piece of dental equipment, used as a tool for the management of gum diseases. It’s a slightly invasive procedure with some patients claiming it’s almost painless. This gum treatment option allows Dr. Roshanzamir to penetrate surfaces such as teeth, bone, and gums through the use of laser energy and water.

Yes, this device uses water. 

This pairing results in a reduced need for anesthetics prior to treatment, making it ideal for all types of surgery for gum disease.

What Do I Do Now    

If you’re tired of suffering from the pain and annoyance that’s caused by your periodontal problems, contact our office located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Our Staff will set you up for an appointment to speak with Dr. Roshanzamir

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