Traditional Gum Disease Treatment Can’t Compare To Laser Dentistry VANCOUVER, BC

Traditional Gum Disease Treatment Can’t Compare To Laser Dentistry

It is essential that you treat gum disease early to avoid some of the consequences, including tooth decay and lost teeth. The traditional treatment incorporates something known as scaling and root planning, or SRP. This cleans the surface of the teeth and any exposed roots that occur due to the recession of the gums. It also removes any buildup of bacteria, tartar and plaque to promote healthy tissue growth. In more severe cases, gum flap surgery is needed to expose the roots. This can be painful and take time to heal. That is why Dr. Roshanzamir at Wall Centre Dental offers laser dentistryoptions to clients, which has many benefits over traditional dentistry.

More Precise   

One reason that laser dentistry is becoming increasingly popular is that it is a much more precise treatment. With the laser devices, a dentist or periodontist can target just the damaged and inflamed tissues. This means that you retain your healthy gums, which could mean less work down the line.

Faster Recovery   

Because lasers are more accurate, it causes less damage. It is also less invasive, which means there is reduced swelling and pain. When the lasers cut into the tissue, they also cauterize the wound, so there is less bleeding. It also does not require stitches to close. Because there is less damage to the gums and surrounding tissue, the recovery time is much faster. Due to the reduction in pain, most people do not need anesthetic.

Less Anxiety   

Dental anxiety is common among people. Using a big dental drill to cut into the gums only increases the anxiety. Lasers are much less invasive, which reduces many people’s anxiety about treatment. It is also more precise and less invasive, so you have less to worry about.

Schedule Your Appointment for Gum Disease Treatment with Lasers   

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of laser dentistry and schedule your appointment with Dr. Roshanzamir. He will examine your mouth to determine your level of gum disease and whether you are a good candidate for the procedure.

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