The Relationship Between Gum Disease and High Blood Pressure VANCOUVER, BC

The Relationship Between Gum Disease and High Blood Pressure

Many studies have been conducted regarding the link between gum disease and high blood pressure. People who have periodontitis generally have a greater risk of developing hypertension. However, further research is necessary to determine if poor oral hygiene is an independent risk factor or if there is a direct link.

The Believed Causal Relationship 

Some researchers believe that bacteria that develops in the gum tissue gets into the bloodstream and negatively affects a person’s cardiovascular health. Since harmful bacteria is now in the blood, the kidneys have to work even harder to get rid of this substance that is effectively poisoning the body. Although the primary cause of hypertension involves hardening of the arteries, gum disease can play an additional role. An inflammation entering the bloodstream can also increase a person’s risk of developing heart disease.

Treatment for Gum Disease Can Help With High Blood Pressure 

In several studies, patients who were able to get their oral health under control were also able to lower blood pressure. In one such study involving 107 Chinese men and women who suffered from both periodontitis and pre-hypertension, following basic oral hygiene practices led to a significant improvement in cardiovascular health. When periodontal disease has already formed, the patient needs to see our dentist in Vancouver, BC right away. Various treatments exist to treat the condition, but a patient also needs to care for his or her dental health at home. Brushing and flossing every day is essential. The person also needs to follow a healthy diet low in sugars.

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