Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique a Good Option for You? VANCOUVER, BC

Is the Pinhole Surgical Technique a Good Option for You?

Technology has come a long way over the past century, and this is particularly true when you think of the advances in dentistry. Dr. Parvis Roshanzamir, Dr. Siamak Tehrani, Dr. Milton Reskovich and Dr. Mona Afrand at Wall Centre Dental are proud to offer some of the latest technology in dental services. One example is the Pinhole Surgical Technique, also known as PST™, which is a minimally invasive procedure used to bring receding gums back to their original position. Here is how to determine if this treatment is right for you.

Are Your Gums Receding?   

The main purpose of PST™ is to assist with gum recession. Your gums might be receding if you notice your teeth are looking longer than normal. If the gum line falls far enough, it could expose the roots of the teeth, making them increasingly sensitive to hot and cold foods and drinks. If you have these symptoms, PST™ might be right for you.

Are You Looking for Treatment With Quicker Recovery?   

Gum surgery is another way to treat a receding gum line. The procedure is invasive as an incision must be used to access the infected tissue and carefully move the gums. This means recovery can take days or longer. If you are looking for something with a quicker recovery, PST™ is minimally invasive with only tiny holes placed in the gum line. This reduces downtime post-procedure to little or no time at all.

Does Your Dentist Think You Are a Good Candidate? 

The last requirement to PST™ treatment is whether or not your dentist thinks you qualify. Not everyone is a good candidate for PST™, in which case, traditional gum surgery might be a better option for you. To find out more about our gum recession services and to see if you are a good candidate for PST™, contact the office at Wall Centre Dental today.

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