Fighting Gum Disease with LANAP Laser Therapy VANCOUVER, BC

Fighting Gum Disease with LANAP Laser Therapy

Though the use of lasers has matured in various industries around the country, dental lasers, to many people, may still seem like bleeding-edge technology that’s not quite ready for primetime. Well, that’s until they undergo a gum disease procedure that entailed the used of dental lasers. That’s when they find out that dental lasers are too effective at safely fighting gum disease to be labeled bleeding-edge – plus, they cause considerably less bleeding than traditional scalpels.

These are some of the primary benefits of opting for laser gum therapy to get your gum disease back under control:

Less painful: dental lasers are highly efficient at cutting away diseased tissue while leaving behind healthy tissue. As a result, you experience much less bleeding than you would if you’d gone the conventional route.

No stitches: dental lasers so extremely efficient at removed decaying tissue while preserving healthy tissue, so you won’t need any stitches after having laser gum surgery.

One appointment: you’ll only need one appointment for laser gum therapy. Gong the traditional route, you’d need a follow-up appointment to have your stitches removed and to check that your gums have properly healed after the procedure.

Quicker procedure: since you have to have stitches sewn in, laser gum therapy is also a quicker procedure.

Quicker healing time: the efficiency of dental lasers means you’ll experience less bleeding and you’ll ultimately experience a much shorter healing period. It’ll take roughly 24 hours for your gums to heal after laser therapy, compared to at least two weeks for healing when going the conventional route.

Things to Consider

As efficient as laser gum therapy is, the most severe cases of gum disease are still best addressed by traditional means. Your candidacy for laser gum therapy depends on how advanced your case is, which is a great reason to at least check in with your dentist every year. Regular checkups can help you spot gum disease while all options for treating it are still open to you.

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