Dental Consequences of Thumb Sucking VANCOUVER, BC

Dental Consequences of Thumb Sucking

It is so common to see young children sucking their thumbs. Maybe sometimes it is even easier to have them suck their thumb instead of being upset when there is no binky around. Thumb sucking may seem innocent, but it may be followed by some serious consequences.

Thumb sucking may cause dental problems in the future for your child. Because of the pressure of a thumb, versus a softer material made for a pacifier, your child’s teeth may experience a shift. This shift causes the teeth to no longer be properly aligned, causing an overbite. Even more serious than an overbite, the roof of their mouth may become malformed, as well. These issues may need an orthodontist’s advice beginning at a severely young age.

Along with the overbite and potential malformed roof of the child’s mouth, this can cause speech issues. Speech issues come from the misalignment of teeth, which could cause distortions and stop the tongue from forming proper shapes to speak words. This may also affect a child’s swallowing, which could cause choking. It is important to stop this from happening, so you do not have to go through life long issues.

It is important also to not have your child suck their thumb for the sake of germs. With your child sucking their thumb, then removing it to touch something, they’re taking in germs from every item touched. This also adds more germs to anyone else coming along. Without thumb sucking, germ spreading is cut down, and you may allow for your child to not be sick and develop infections.

There are so many solutions now a days to stop children from sucking their thumbs. From homemade fruit pops to pacifiers, there are safer options for the child that is going through teething or just finds it comforting.

If you are having trouble getting your children to stop thumb sucking or you have experienced the above mentioned, call your dentist. It is important to seek dental attention in this case because they will be able to diagnose the issue and get you and your child the proper care, quickly. Schedule an appointment with your dentist to solve your thumb sucking issues!

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