Candy Vs. Your Child’s Teeth VANCOUVER, BC

Candy Vs. Your Child’s Teeth

If you ask a bunch of kids what their favorite foods are, you’ll probably get few answers like pizza, ice cream, and cookies but one of the most popular answers you’ll hear is candy. That being said, as a parent you should be aware of the threat that candy poses to your child’s oral wellbeing and how to help them avoid major dental issues later on in their lives. Dr. Parviz Roshanzamir and the extortionary dental team of Wall Centre Dental located in Vancouver, British Columbia have compiled a list of dental tips you can follow so you never have to worry about your child’s teeth falling out (unnaturally).

Here are some of the suggestions that we’ve gathered: 

Drink lots of water:

This should be a staple for everyone at any age since water plays such a huge role in our bodies. Ultimately, water is a deterrent for tooth decay, it helps with eliminating some of the sugar that is left in your mouth minimizing its harmful effects. If you find yourself in a situation where your child can’t properly brush their teeth after enjoying some candy, have them take a swig of water and swish it around to rinse out any excessive and leftover sugars.  

Eat your candy with meals:   

Having your child satisfy their sweet tooth during or shortly after larger meals such as lunch and dinner will help stimulate and increase saliva production. Saliva not only assists in washing away food particles and debris it also aids in eliminating the harmful acids created in your mouth that erode your teeth.   

Brush, Brush, Brush your teeth:

Having your child brush their teeth immediately following a meal or just partaking in an all-night sugar-fueled bender (aka Halloween) is a great way to hinder the development of cavities and tooth decay. Brushing helps remove the enamel-eating bacteria that is caused by the sugar left from sugary treats.

More information:

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